OPC UA Server

DavinSoft OPC UA Server integrates legacy systems and non-standard protocols of unit facilities into international industry standards and provides services.


OPC UA Server

Industry standard interface

Davinsoft OPC UA Server acquires real-time signals from control devices such as DCS, PLC, and gateways, and delivers industry-standardized data to the OPC UA Client system that complies with OPC UA standards. Up to new security standards required by OPC Foundation Fully supported.

OPC UA Server

  • Default Driver
    - OPC UA/DA
    - FanucCNC
    - FENET

  • Custom Driver
    - Support for non-standard communication protocol devices.

  • Performance
    - Data processing speed: 20 ms (max)

  • Security
    - Policy {None, Basic128Rsa15, Basic256, Basic256Sha256}
    - Mode {None, Sign, Sign & Encrypt}

  • Authentication
    - Type {Anonymous, User Name, Certificate}

  • Certificate Generation
    - RSA Key Size {512, 1024, 2048. 3072}
    - Digest Mode {SHA1, SHA256, SHA512}
    - Private Key Encryption Algorithm {Not Encrypted, AES128CBC, AES256CBC}

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