OPC UA Server

Integrates and services typical facilities and systems, as well as legacy systems and unit facilities of non-standard protocols into international industry standards.


OPC UA Server

Industry standard interface

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DavinSoft OPC UA Server is a system for obtaining real-time signals from DCS, PLC, and other controls and gateways to deliver industrial standardized data to OPC UA Client systems that comply with OPC UA standards and fully supports new security standards required by the OPC Foundation.

DavinSoft OPC UA Server is certified by the OPC Foundation.


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  • Default Driver
    - OPC UA/DA
    - FanucCNC
    - FENET

  • Custom Driver
    - Support for non-standard communication protocol devices.

  • Performance
    - Data processing speed: 20 ms (max)

  • Security
    - Policy {None, Basic128Rsa15, Basic256, Basic256Sha256}
    - Mode {None, Sign, Sign & Encrypt}

  • Authentication
    - Type {Anonymous, User Name, Certificate}

  • Certificate Generation
    - RSA Key Size {512, 1024, 2048. 3072}
    - Digest Mode {SHA1, SHA256, SHA512}
    - Private Key Encryption Algorithm {Not Encrypted, AES128CBC, AES256CBC}

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